Welcome to Rey Cup, football and fun 2017!

Rey Cup – International football festival will be held in Reykjavik from 26 to 30 of  July 2017.

In total there are about 90 teams playing in Rey Cup with about 1,300 players making the tournament “a homey one”, where the players will have good opportunity to learn to know each other. Boys and girls are playing at the same fields, watching and cheering each other.

Rey Cup started in 2002 and from the very beginning teams from abroad have participated. Besides teams from all around Iceland teams from Canada, USA, England, Scandinavia, Germany and France have participated in Rey Cup. Both well known teams have joined Rey Cup as smaller local teams. The teams have been very satisfied with the tournament.

We treat our young visitors with respect and excellent service. Rey Cup has always been proud to serve the participants excellent dinners in restaurants close by. In Rey Cup 2015 the lunches, dinners and the final party and disco was at Hilton Hotel Reykjavik.

Opened for registration on Rey Cup 2017 on December 21, 2016.